Waterproof LED Lights Boats Can’t Live Without

I cover a lot of various lighting solutions, (headlights, accessory lights, etc.), for various vehicles, from cars, trucks, motorcycles, vans, RV’s, even golf carts. But I’ve left a very prevalent and very cool vehicle out, BOATS! So without further ado, here’s a little bit about waterproof led light strips boats can’t live without! Why Would I Want LED’s […]

LED Car Lights Reviews – OPT 7 AURA PRO Gets The Job Done!

PRODUCT: OPT-7 AURA PRO Aluminum Underglow Lighting Kit* PRICE: $99.95 – (Reduced from $129.95) CHEAPEST PLACE TO BUY: Opt-7.com CONTROLLER TYPE: Bluetooth App for iOS or Android GUARANTEE: 1 Year No-Questions-Asked Replacement or Refund OPT-7 AURA PRO Underbody LED Kit – Product Review  When looking for the best underglow lighting kit for your vehicle or RV, there are quite […]

LED Lights For Motorcycles – Avoid Deadly Drivers!

This is a big topic, as the motorcycle revolution has kicked into high gear in the past couple of decades. Even with high-powered headlights, people have the hardest time actually seeing bikers, especially at night, so besides the multitude of public motorcycle awareness campaigns, what else can these road warriors do to avoid a bikers’ […]

LED Car Lights Are Awesome, What Are My Options?

When trying to decide on accessory lighting for your car, truck, van, RV, motorcycle, or boat, sometimes it’s difficult to decide what is the best choice for your particular ride. Whether you’ve decided on neon, incandescent, or LED for car lights, there are a few considerations to take into consideration before making a purchase. Here’s […]