It’s 10 pm, you’re riding down the road, and all of a sudden the deer you couldn’t see on the shoulder jumps right out in front of you. Obviously, your first thought will be somewhere along the lines of, “Oh CRAP!”. However, shortly thereafter, while you’re sitting on the side of the road waiting for the tow truck to come pick up your car, one of your biggest thoughts will be, “I just didn’t SEE the deer…”.

Sure, it’s a scary thought. Nobody wants to consider crashing in the middle of the night, much less at hands, (or hooves), of some random animal in the road. So what do you do to prevent this untimely tragedy? You make certain that you can actually see the road far ahead of your car.

LED headlight conversion kits are the wave of the future, if for no other reason, they just flat out last longer than anything else. They are cheaper to produce, and they present a strong, cool white light that illuminates the road ahead like daylight.

If you don’t know much about doing a headlight conversion, the guys at Headlight Revolution put together this video to give you the heads’ up on what you need to know. I highly recommend watching this before shopping for your headlight upgrades:

Taking that into consideration, here are 5 different LED headlights cars need to make sure you can safely avoid obstacles at night.

FluxBeam XOPT-7 FluxBeam X


PRICE: $109.95 (marked down from $142.99)


As always, OPT-7 has produced yet another top-of-the-line LED product, this time it’s the FluxBeam X Headlight Kit. As A follow up to the original FluxBeam product line, OPT-7 has put considerable efforts into improving the quality and brightness of the FluxBeam X series. While the original series boasts a 3,500 lumen output, the new FluxBeam X series rocks a 4,200 lumen output, outshining the competition.



FACT: While Lumens (total light output) is an important factor in headlights, there are 2 more factors that many people don’t realize are the true tell of a powerful LED headlight.

Lux: measurement of how much light is projected at a DISTANCE.

CRI (Color-Rendering Index): quantitative measure of the ability of a light source to reveal the colors of various objects faithfully in comparison with an ideal or natural light source. (source: Wikipedia)

OPT-7 is one of the ONLY companies to take these two added factors as seriously as light output alone, which makes their FluxBeam series headlights some of the most effective in the industry.

Click on the OPT-7 link above to check out the product specs on these excellent headlights.

Hikari Ultra LED Kit


PRICE: $89.99


Known as “The Eyes Of Megatron”, the Hikari Ultra LED headlight kit rocks a heavy 12,000 lumen output, meaning you’ll never have a problem with other motorists being able to see your car or truck heading toward them at night.

With an adjustable beam pattern, the Hikari headlights give you the opportunity to maximize your own visual range, while eliminating that dangerous glare that ultra-powerful headlights often produce for oncoming traffic. No more blind motorists hitting you with their high-beams!

Lasting over 60,000 operating hours, it is likely that these headlights will outlast the car you put them in, making them quite possibly the last set of lights you’ll ever have to buy for your vehicle. Hikari accomplishes this enduance by using thin heat sinks on their bulbs, as opposed to fans. This allows for better heat dispersion, while still being small enough to fit into most OEM duct covers without having to modify them.

SEALIGHT S3 LED Headlight Kit


PRICE: $89.99 (marked down from $129.99)


SEALIGHT is highly ranked by consumers, due to their bright 12,000 lumen LED’s, as well as their 30-day money back guarantee and 3 year warranty and excellent customer service.

The S3 Headlight Kit utilizes an Intelligence Temperature Controller in their LED driver, to keep the bulbs cool enough to last for over 50,000 hours of continuous use, as well as an upgraded canbus to eliminate flicker and ensure full power with every turn on.

*note: if your vehicle headlights share the same bulbs with your Daytime Running Lamps (DRL), these bulbs will likely not be a good choice, as the LED driver conflicts with DRL drivers and can cause flickering or complete inoperation.

Cougar Motor Headlight Kit


PRICE: $39.99


If you’re looking for a quality LED headlight at a lower cost, look no farther than Cougar Motors’ LED Headlight Kit. While not quite as bright as some of the higher-end headlights listed above, these these bulbs are still 200% brighter than conventional OEM headlights, making them a solid buy on a budget.

Utilizing an aluminum housing and a 10,000 rpm cooling fan, these lights have no problem staying cool enough to pull 50,000 hours of operation from them. The bulbs, driver, fan, and wiring harness are all waterproof as well, so no worries about rain, car washes, or sudden flash-floods shorting out your headlights in time of need.

Auxbeam LED HeadlightsAuxbeam GT LED Bulbs


PRICE: $94.99


Auxbeam LED conversion kits are known for the easy install, they are manufactured to be plug-and-play replacements for the OEM headlights on your vehicle. You’ll want to double check that your specific vehicle is selected before ordering because of this.

Waterproof and dustproof, these high-output lights are housed in a 360-degree aluminum heat sink, cooled by a 10,000 rpm fan controlled with Intelligent Temperature Control.

Some Things To Consider:


A big thing that often gets forgotten before buying headlight conversion kits, is making sure that the lights you order will actually FIT your vehicle. You will often times have to modify the OEM dust cover to make the conversion bulbs fit, so make certain to check your owners manual for your exact bulb number, then research online or call an automotive expert to verify which conversion bulbs you will actually need.


As mentioned above, making modifications to your OEM parts in order to make your upgrades fit can be a real pain in the butt, so it’s always a wise idea to research an LED kit that is actually manufactured to fit your specific vehicle. Plug-and-play-style kits are the easiest to install, usually you just switch the bulbs and plug the OEM harness into the conversion driver.

Here is a quick video to give you somewhat of a grasp of what you’re going to be looking at when upgrading your headlights to LED:


This is a big one, especially when dealing with high-intensity bulbs. If your lights aren’t positioned properly inside the housing, you can very well blind oncoming traffic inadvertently, increasing the risk of accident. Aside from that, you’ll also not be maximizing your new headlights’ full potential if the beams aren’t focused in the right direction.

The video above gives you a quick overview of properly positioning your replacement bulbs.

Stay safe at night!

Whether you are driving a car, truck, van, motorcycle, boat, motorhome, or even a golf cart, night time presents the biggest driving hazard for all of us. It is imperative that we take necessary steps to protect ourselves and our riders.

The brighter you are at night, the safer you are.

Granted, plenty of people take this to the extreme, and turn their vehicles into a shining beacon of light driving down the road, but as long as they know the lighting laws in their state, it’s ultimately up to them how bright they want to be. As I stated above, it can be just as dangerous being too bright as it is not being bright enough.

Just try to find the happy medium that covers your sight requirements and still maintains safety for other night drivers.

I certainly hope I’ve been of some assistance to you in figuring out what kind of LED headlights you need for your ride, and I encourage you to ask me any questions you may have in the comment section below, or if you just want to put in your two cents, please feel free to do so. I’ll do my best to respond to you right away!

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6 thoughts on “5 LED Headlights Cars Can Light Up The Night With In 2019

  • Zikora

    What an interesting post! Most of the time, you get comfortable with the lighting that the car came in and trust they did their best. I have an old car and lately I have been wondering about the fact that i can’t see very well at night. Believe it, the first thing was to change my eye glasses. This has not helped much and I will definitiely need to check with my service for the white light as you put it to illuminates the road ahead like daylight. This is helpful for me to prepare for the service due soon.The video from the Headlight Revolution guys is helpful. Thanks

    • Bobby

      Thank you for visiting SickLites, Zikora! 

      Believe me, I can relate to the issue of limited night vision, I drive a 1995 Blazer, and they don’t even make LED headlights for my year of truck. Needless to say, most of the night driving I do is in my fiancée’s Lexus, so I can actually see the road!

      I definitely recommend upgrading your headlights, you won’t regret it. It’s so much better once you can see way ahead of you, takes a lot of the stress out of driving at night. I mentioned in my previous comment to Todd that I have had family members wreck their cars at night due to limited visibility, and that’s an issue that can easily, (and affordably), be remedied by getting good headlights.

      Thanks again Zikora, if you need any help figuring out exactly what you need for your car, just come back and give me a shout, I’ll be glad to assist. Hope you have a great day!


  • Todd Matthews

    I like the Hikari both for their cost-effectiveness and overall effectiveness. My current car has about 95,000 miles and is around 5 years old, so the Hikari will probably outlast, at the very least, my ownership of the car if not the car itself. I think a lot of people underestimate the importance of having good headlights in both the deer example you mentioned above (been there, done that, can relate), and definitely when it comes to other drivers seeing you at night. 

    • Bobby

      Good call Todd! The Hikari bulbs are awesome, I’ve been a fan since I found out they were used in the making of the Transformers movies. 

      To be honest, most of these LED bulbs will outlast even brand new cars, so you shouldn’t let that be a deciding factor in whether or not you upgrade. As far as I’m concerned, the number one most important thing is safety at night, visibility can’t be stressed enough. I’ve had 2 different family members get into bad accidents at night because they couldn’t see obstacles in the road in enough time to stop, had they been using LED or even HID lights, they would have likely had time to avoid wrecking their cars.

      Thanks for visiting SickLites, if you ever need advice on upgrading your ride, or just have any questions you could use help with, please feel free to come back and contact me!

      I wish you great success, and I hope you have an excellent day!


  • Matthew

    I have seen many a car driving down the road with these LED lights fitted where I live and I always thought that they were illegal to have them fitted

    Is that not the case?

    I think bright white light looks pretty cool but I’m not so sure that they would look right on my Ford Galaxy, lol

    I am still undecided if I should install a new LED headlight conversion kit into my car but if I di, all I would have to do is to check my car manual to see the bulb number then look online to see which kit to get, is that right?

    I don’t suppose you would know what headlight conversion kit I would need for a 03 plate Ford Galaxy, would you?

    Thanks if you can help me out 🙂

    • Bobby

      Hey Matthew, thanks for visiting SickLites!

      I did some checking, it looks like your headlight bulb is an H1, if you use the OPT-7 link at the top of my article, it will take you to the FluxBeam X page, you just have to enter your year, make, model, and bulb type (H1). It looks like they have it in stock as well, so when you’re ready, they’ve got you covered. I’ll always recommend OPT-7 first, they’re a solid company that pride themselves on keeping their customers happy, so I feel 100% comfortable sending people their direction.

      I have a feeling that if you go ahead and put new LED bulbs on your Galaxy, you’ll be immediately impressed at how much better you can see the road at night, the LED revolution is surpassing stock lighting by leaps and bounds, making the roadways safer for everyone.

      Thanks again, anytime I can help a visitor of SickLites to find what they need, it gives me a little boost. I hope I’ve helped out, feel free to come back any time if you have any more questions!


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