Surprisingly enough, it really IS a thing! I had no idea the RV community was so huge, nor did I know they were so COOL. Lemme tell ya a little story about how I discovered this quiet little subculture in America…

“Why Don’t We Just Get Rid Of Our Stuff And Move Into Mom’s RV Then?!”

One night a few months ago, my fiancee and I were having quite the heated discussion about, you guessed it, MONEY. The cost of living in a small one bedroom apartment in Gainesville, Florida had slowly been draining us of funds, even with my salary as a kitchen manager and her various jobs in photography, child care, and whatever else she secured.

In this the middle of this heated discussion, I got ridiculously frustrated, threw my hands up, and just yelled “Why don’t we just get rid of all our stuff and move into Mom’s RV then?! We can just live in a trailer park!”

Funny thing happened just then, we both got quiet for a really long moment, and I looked at Emily and said, “Wait a second… Is that actually an idea? Minus the trailer park part?”. We both pondered for a few minutes, then I texted Mom and asked if she had sold her fifth wheel RV yet. When she said no, I told her we’d take it.

Smartest move I’ve ever made.

Full Time RV Life Became The Goal


Upon coming up with this vague idea of a possible way out of such an expensive city, we began doing research. And man, did we find out some interesting things.

1. There are literally over a million people living full time in an RV. The modern-day nomads.

2. The majority of these people have secured income that doesn’t require a 9 to 5 job.

3. RV life is CHEEEAAAP!

4. Ever hear of Tiny Homes? A huge percentage of RV folk have converted their rigs into AWESOME tiny homes on wheels.

5. These remodeled RV’s look AMAZING on the inside, nicer than a lot of brick and mortar homes, for a fraction of the cost.

6. You can live literally ANYWHERE YOU FEEL LIKE.

Once we discovered all these RV lifers on Instagram, we got really excited. This looks like something we can actually do! So we started planning out our goal, doing research on how to make it happen, and got to work.

The Hard Part…

You ever tried to go through a closet full of stuff you’ve had forever and tried to get rid of some of it, just to clear some clutter? Difficult to decide what you want to keep, right? This is basically what we had to do with our entire apartment. If we were going to live full time in a 36′ fifth wheel, we needed ONLY the necessities and the MOST important of our cherished belongings.

Lemme tell ya, it ain’t easy to give your whole life to Goodwill.

But once we got the ball rolling, it became an obsession for a couple of weeks. Now I wanted to get rid of EVERYTHING, the idea of not having a bunch of things to lug around started sounding really nice. And it IS extremely nice to know what all I own now, as well as where to find any of it. No more tearing through closets looking for things and yelling, “Baby! Where’s that flashlight with the thing on the side?”

The Remodel Plans


We have since moved in and gotten settled quite nicely, and started doing a bunch of low cost remodeling, in my opinion, the place looks great so far. Most of the big projects are taken care of, cabinet removal, painting, TV mounting, etc., now comes the fun part.

My favorite part of any decor, is of course, the LIGHTING.

I don’t actually have any experience with RV interior lighting, but from the research I’ve done, it is no harder than any other home lighting. An added benefit, however, is that instead of the lights being 110 volts, (enough to grab ahold of you if you grab a live wire, ouch!), they are all 12 volt fixtures. Don’t get me wrong, 12 volts still hurt if you get shocked, but nowhere near as bad as if you get hit by a light socket in the house.

I have an idea of the lighting I want in here, but the plans aren’t firmed up yet. I’m leaving it open-ended for now, as I conduct deeper research into my options, I’ll keep you guys informed. Who knows, maybe some of you will have some great ideas for me to consider!

SickLites Goes Nomad?

In addition to featuring LED options for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and boats, I’m heavily considering adding RV lighting to, as I’m seeing more and more remodels with superior mood lighting, both interior and exterior. I’ve started to realize, there’s a whole lot of roaming nomads out there that don’t have the time or energy to try to hunt down the perfect lighting for their rigs, so why not make their lives a little easier?

Find all the options, (the coolest ones anyway), and put them all in ONE PLACE.

No more browsing through countless websites just trying to find that one replacement fixture that both matches your needs AND sets off the room. wouldn’t it be nice if someone did the hard work for you? Good thing you found SickLites, it won’t be long and I’ll have you rolling in perfect lighting options you didn’t even know were out there, all put together in an easy to order format.

I have faith that with your support and my hard work, we can create a strong community of RV enthusiasts that value turning their homes into their own personal artwork, all lighting up the nights with SickLites! I look forward to helping you to reach your goals as you all help me reach mine!

If you have any questions, or you’d just like to give me your opinion on this article, I encourage you to go ahead and leave me a message below in the comment box. I promise to personally get back to you as soon as I check my mail! Thank you for your support!



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24 thoughts on “Interior Lighting For RV Enthusiasts? This Is A Thing?

  • Jon

    This seems like a really cool thing to do and I would probably be up for it. My mom loves RVs and wants to buy one in the future so maybe I can take her up on buying one for me to borrow to live in in the meantime. Do you enjoy living in a RV more than your apartment and does being able to move everything from place to place make life easier?

    • Bobby

      Jon, thank you for your input and questions, and yes, RV living is 100% better than living in a tint little one bedroom apartment in midtown Gainesville. Omg, its SO much more relaxed and quiet. And without a doubt, having only the things I use makes life much more conducive to focusing on the things I want to do instead of the things I OWN.

      I appreciate you checking my page out, feel free to let anyone else that might be interested in the RV life know about my site, maybe they’ll find it interesting as well!

  • Josie

    This is absolutely a thing! My ex partner was living in his truck in order to save money for a home deposit. He just couldn’t get a big enough deposit while he was paying exorbitant amounts of money on rent and fuel to get to and from work. So he sold much of what he owned, gave away the rest, got rid of his little car and bought a truck. He kitted it out to make it a comfy home, and because he loves going to the gym, he showers daily at the gym. Because he is mobile now, he stays nearby his place of work (which changes every few weeks or so, as he works I construction) and he is paying much less money in fuel amongst all the other expenses. He is therefore able to live a much more spontaneous sand fun lifestyle which he loves, while at the same time saving much more money for his home deposit! It’s a win-win situation!

    • Bobby

      It is most definitely a win-win, Josie,  you’re absolutely right! I haven’t regretted my decision one bit since we moved. Its a very comfortable and easy way to live. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in lowering costs and raising happiness. 

      Thank you for your feedback, it’s very appreciated, and I hope you’ll spread the word about my little story here. More people need to be inspired to free their lives up!

  • RV living is almost a given in my area! I couldn’t image living that way but could if needed. Yes! Going to one spot to make shopping easier would be awesome. Having several companies on one page with reviews is a great idea..

    • Thank you for the input Susan! Yeah, out here in North Central Florida, RV’s are EVERYWHERE. It’s a great lifestyle, but not everyone would be into it, for sure. Thats 100% understandable, not everyone can feel comfortable in small living spaces. For my fiancee and I though, it’s a perfect fit. Maybe one day in our travels we will find the perfect place to put down solid roots, but for now, we love the low costs and personal freedoms it allows. 🙂

  • Hanna

    That is so cool.  I mean the whole RV-ing life.

    I am an avid camper.  We have a trailer and always excited to bring it in our weekend or for summer camping trips. By the way, i am always excited about it because i live in the north, so usually our summer is so short (3 months max!)

    So, just reading that you are living in an RV is kinda nice. It`s a very simple way of living.

    But anyway, indoor lights for RV enthusiasts is a very good article.

    All the best!

    • Bobby

      Hanna, it IS very cool. The longer we live in our cool little tiny home, the more I fall in love with the whole scene. It’s very liberating to get rid of all the stuff you own that never gets used, and only own the things you need and enjoy. It has really grown on me over the past few months, I can’t wait for the point when we’re ready to start travelling with it!

      Thank you for your interest, and for taking your time to drop a line. 🙂 

  • Paul

    Dear Bobby,

    Thanks a lot for the interesting article! Sharing your story and experiences adds more value to this article, I enjoyed it. I got helpful insights from your article.

    Few years before when one of my friend said she don’t have a house/home, her family lives in a RV I was shocked and amazed. After asking several questions I was interested and impressed with the RV life style. 

    This article has to be motivating, not only for me but also for many others who are willing to live a RV life style. I am going to share your article with my friend who is living a RV life style and she is also a blogger and her niche is RV. I believe she will find your article helpful and will get great ideas on RV interior lighting.

    I hope one day my RV life style dream will come true!

    Much Success!


    • Bobby

      Hey, thanks so much Paul, I appreciate you spreading the word, and I’m glad you found my article interesting. I’m approaching my online business with the same approach that I find appealing when looking for a brand to be loyal to, the ability to connect the perception of SickLights to the real human being behind the name. I figure if people can see that the person who started the business is just as “normal” as everyone else, it may work as a motivation to grab their own lives by the horns and find a way out of the 9 to 5 grind that eats up so much of their life. 

      It’s hard not to find the RV life intriguing, it bears strong resemblance to the idea of personal freedom that our country was originally founded on, the idea of being able to explore and live however you choose, instead of slaving away for someone else until you’re old enough to retire. I would love to see more people free themselves up, and I’ll give any help I can to assist them in making that decision. 

      Have a great day, and thank you for your input!


  • Chris McIntosh

    This is absolutely incredible!  Being able to take a leap of faith like that is extremely brave and admirable.  If I didn’t have a house full of boys this would be right up my wife and myself’s alley.   

    This is such a huge deal right now in so many places.  Everything Tech is RGB, automotive and LED.  I gotta say some good light sets all the vibe you need, no matter the need.  I love custom lighting and the looks a skilled individual can do with them.  

    I will visit this website in the future for sure when I need some light done to my car.  I love a good tradesman and always prefer to spend my money with businesses that work from the ground up!  Kudos to you and your wife for stepping out of the box and doing what you love.  

    Have an awesome day!


    Chris McIntosh

    • Bobby

      Chris, man, I’m laughing at something you said. “Leap Of Faith” isn’t how I would describe the decision we made, more like “Act Of Desperation”. We were getting broke REAL fast, and desperately trying to figure out how to stop that from happening. 

      I will say though, it was without a doubt, the best decision I’ve made in my adult life. We looked at our situation and broke it down: My daughter lives in Indiana, we don’t have any ACTUAL debt, and we hate working for other people just to keep 2 adults eating like college kids. There’s no reason two working people with no kids at home should be struggling to make ends meet. So this lifestyle appealed to us on multiple levels, now we’re just trying to get acclimated to the slower pace of it.

      The lighting niche idea came from me literally ordering a 20 dollar Knight Rider light for my Blazer. When I was looking for it, I realized how much more affordable this particular auto mod is now, and it struck me that I could probably make a decent little income just helping other people REALIZE they can now afford to glow up their cars. We shall see, I suppose.

      Anyhow, thanks for checking out my site, feel free to come back anytime. I’ll be adding links pretty soon to make the search for affordable auto lighting easier for everyone.

      Good fortune to you, and I hope you have a great day!


  • Henry

    Hi! What an interesting story! I didn’t know that there where over a million people living full-time life in RVs. And I like the way you landed upon the idea of living in an RV.

    This lifestyle is exciting. But it also is challenging. And as everything else, it’ll take sometime to get used to it. Thank you for the insights.

    • Bobby

      Hey, thanks Henry! I’m glad you enjoyed the read.

      Yeah, it kinda blew my mind too when I found out this is actually an entire subculture that I never even knew existed. Once I started looking into it and found out how huge this thing actually is, I started noticing RV’s EVERYWHERE. Somehow, I had been overlooking them on the highways for my entire life. Crazy.

      As far as challenging goes, the most challenging part was getting the ball rolling. Getting rid of everything and getting moved was a serious pain, but once we did it, we couldn’t be happier. It’s so much nicer not having a whole house full of stuff holding me down, and a bunch of bills that keep me locked into a job I don’t want. I highly recommend the life to anyone looking to simplify their situation. It’s truly freeing.

      Thanks again for checking me out, feel free to visit SickLites anytime!


  • Sara

    Love your article! I have been trying to get my spouse to clear out the house and go nomadic for over a year now! Biggest issue is making money while on the road AND figuring out how to make an RV or tiny home livable. I appreciate your thinking about lighting as it just occurred to me how inadequate the lighting can be in those things! Sending you good vibes on your new adventure!

    • Bobby

      Thank you Sara! Good vibes received! 🙂 

      Listen, I’ll tell you right now, moving into this RV was the BEST DECISION I’VE EVER MADE. If you want to know the truth, I don’t even own a truck that will PULL it yet, we just parked it at this awesome RV and golf resort and signed on for a year. I have never had my cost of living drop so much, ever.

      Lot Rent: $400/mo.

      Electric: less than $50/mo.

      Dish Network internet (through the park discount): $35/mo.

      Included: Sewer, water, workout center, pool, restaraunt, lake access, tennis courts, shuffle board, bocce ball… basically any of the amenities. 

      The RV itself is PERFECT for living 2 adults (assuming you aren’t prone to strangling each other), it’s basically just a house on wheels. And the best part is getting rid of ALL THAT STUFF! Oh my god, what a weight lifted. We like, donated EVERYTHING, and it felt great once we started. 

      I’m a huge advocate of anyone that CAN downsize, should. Nothing will make you feel more free. 

      Thanks again for checkin me out, you can follow me on Instagram if you wanna see the RV life firsthand, my name is MisterMinimal2. 


  • Todd Matthews

    You just got me interested in the RV life, something I’ve actually known a few people living this lifestyle in the winter time. They’d take an RV to the southern states and live the life until the weather was warm again up here in the north. They loved it. It’s cheap, there’s hardly a rent cost, and you can take a cross country trip any time you feel like. Sure, to live in it means to remodel, but hey, in both foresight and hindsight it’s worth the cost. 

    • Bobby

      Hey Todd, thanks for checking out my site! You’re 100% correct, it’s TOTALLY worth the cost. I pay about $500 a month total, and I’ve got basically everything anyone else has, water, sewer, electric, internet, all the necessities. Also got a pool, a gym, a restaurant, tennis courts, a lake, and more. RV living is without a doubt the best choice I’ve ever made, I highly recommend it to anyone that’s cool with living in a smaller space. The remodel didn’t take long, like I said, it’s a small space. Really inexpensive, like remodeling a single room in a house. lol

      If you ever have any questions about it, feel free to hit me up, I can give advice on how to break out of the prison of rentals and leases.

      Hope you have an excellent day!


  • Lee

    We go camping a couple of times a year. I love being in the country and using a RV. I don’t know if I could live full time in an RV. I still have  3 children at home. I need some space between myself and them from time to time. As my kids get ready to move out and I am getting closer to retirement, I certainly would consider it. 

    • Bobby

      I hear ya Lee, that is one of the drawbacks to RV life, lack of personal space. As much as my fiancée and I love each other, we still have to take little breaks from one another after a while. I couldn’t begin to imagine trying to raise 3 kids in an RV, but there are definitely people that do it. They’re all over YouTube and Instagram, it really blows my mind thinking about the PATIENCE these parents must have. 

      Thanks for checking out SickLites, I hope you enjoyed my little story. If you ever have any friends considering LED stuff for their cars, or questions about the RV thing, feel free to tell them about my site. I’ll help any way I can!


  • Jon

    I believe that cool RV lighting is essential to a RV setup that you are happy with. Not only can the cleanness and heat level of the lights of the RV help you see it also helps with the overall mood of the RV home. What is your favorite type of lighting setup that you like to use for RVs and even for rooms in general?

    • Bobby

      Hi Jon, that’s a good question, and one that people ask pretty often. Honestly, for interior stuff, I recommend the LED strips that come on a roll, they’re extremely thin and easy to hide, they work GREAT for accent lighting. A nifty little trick, you can actually pull the edge of the trim around doors and floorboards out a little bit, the strips will slide right into the space and put accent light onto the walls along the length of the floor. Looks super cool, that’s one of my projects for my RV when I get the time to do it. There are so many options now though, the sky is the limit for lighting design.

      Thanks for checking out SickLites, Jon. I hope to see ya back again, and if I can ever help with anything, just give me a shout!


  • Strahinja

    Never actually thought about this. It really looks like a great alternative to an expensive city life. Accommodation has become really expensive, especially in the big cities. I read about this stories before, but never actually thought that it is because of economic factor. 

    I always thought it is because people just decided they are going to live that RV lifestyle. But this option is definitely worth having a discussion. I am glad you found your peace with this move.


    • Bobby

      Hey Strahinja! Yeah, I hadn’t really ever considered it before either, it really was just a joke that turned into a real option really fast once we realized just how much cheaper it is. We pay $400 a month lot rent, $35 for internet, and less than $50 a month for electric, and that’s IT. It’s so much better than the $1200 a month we were paying for a little one bedroom apartment.

      Honestly, I’d recommend this life to anyone that doesn’t mind living in a comfortable little space, it’s really the best decision I’ve ever made. It’s an EXCELLENT way to save money, too.

      Thanks for checking out my article, I hope you have a great day!


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