PRODUCT: OPT-7 AURA PRO Aluminum Underglow Lighting Kit*OPT-7 Underbody Kit

PRICE: $99.95 – (Reduced from $129.95)


CONTROLLER TYPE: Bluetooth App for iOS or Android

GUARANTEE: 1 Year No-Questions-Asked Replacement or Refund

OPT-7 AURA PRO Underbody LED Kit – Product Review 

When looking for the best underglow lighting kit for your vehicle or RV, there are quite a few things to consider, such as durability, price, warranties, and quality. I’ll be reviewing the OPT-7 AURA PRO Aluminum Underglow Lighting Kit, to help you decide if this particular product is a good fit for your needs.

Who Is OPT-7?

OPT-7 started in 2006 by the CEO, Kevin, who had a 12-year background in concert stage lighting. He recognized the potential applications of LED and HID lighting in the automotive industry, from headlights to accessory lighting. He also started discovering that at the time, all of the products for this particular niche of the industry were either poor quality, overpriced, or in most cases, BOTH.

So after a few months of trial-and-error, they released their first aftermarket HID kits for automobiles, making them the very first company to make these kits affordable for the masses. They were met with an overwhelming response to their affordable, quality products on social media, and quickly expanded their business to meet the needs of the consumers.

Within a year, OPT-7 became the #1 producer of aftermarket lighting on the market, and ever since has maintained a committment to their proprietors’ philosophy, to make things brighter, stronger, and simpler just for the sake of doing so.

About The AURA PRO Aluminum Underbody KitOPT-7

What The Kit Contains:

  • Two 48″ Light Bars with 72 Smart-Color™ LEDs
  • Two 36″ Light Bars with 54 Smart-Color™ LEDs
  • Ubox™ 1.0 Control Box with AURA Pro
  • AURA BT Control Box and access to our BT App
  • Four 10ft Extension Cables
  • Car Charger Adapter
  • Three Plug-n-Go™ Fuse Tap Connectors

Full Color Spectrum

AURA Aluminum Underbody Bars are made with what are known as SmartColor LED’s. The design combines micro-LED’s of all 3 primary colors, (red, green, and blue, also referred to as RGB), into a one SMD (Surface Mounted Device). This allows a precise mix of color at the micro level, emitting pure, brilliant light color.


Rugged, Waterproof Design

OPT-7’s underbody light kits are built of solid aluminum and filled with a dense silicone, to ensure that road vibration, debris, and moisture have little to no effect on the kits’ ability to function. Because of this they are suitable for off-road application, meaning you can rock underglow on your golf cart, 4-wheeler, dirtbike, or dune buggy, as well as your cars, trucks, vans, or motorcycles. OPT-7 even makes LED kits for boats!

The only real downside to aluminum construction, is that it isn’t flexible enough to bend into hard to access places. You are pretty much stuck fitting them into areas that have enough space, though these particular bars are meant to go specifically on the sides and the front and back, shining down on the pavement.

Dual Power OptionsPower Options

Instead of a single power source, you have the option to power the AURA PRO kits in two different ways. You can either plug them into one of your vehicles’ power supplies in the cab, or you can directly hard wire them into the fuse box with a special auto fuse adapter.

This adapter is unique to OPT-7, and comes with three different sized adapters, to ensure that you can connect to whatever vehicle you drive, regardless of the type of fuses it employs.

Easy Mounting

This kit comes with 4 aluminum light bars, 2 at 36″, and 2 at 48″. They are mounted very simply underneath the vehicle, either by screwing them directly into the underbody (recommended), or you can even zip tie them to the frame. They even come with four 10′ wiring extentions to make sure everything reaches. Then all you have to do is connect them to the Ubox control box, and you’re good to go!

Again, I have to mention that mounting is limited due to the length of the bars and the aluminum construction. If you have a vehicle that won’t quite fit these long bars, maybe look into something smaller, like rock lights. (OPT-7 also offers these for off-road use).OPT-7 Aluminum

Music Syncing Technology

The OPT-7 lighting kits carry SoundSync technology, which, as the name suggests, syncronizes the kits’ motion lights to the song you’re playing on your sound system. This adds a visual aesthetic to your car audio, bringing a new element of cool to the underglow industry.

1 Year WarrantyOPT-7 Warranty

This one is pretty self-explanatory, if anything happens to the AURA PRO kit, or any OPT-7 product that you buy, within a year, you can choose between replacement or full refund.

This is a lot better than the industry standard when it comes to lighting warranties, usually after 90 days or even 6 months, manufacturers will stop replacing or refunding.

Overall Rating:OPT-7 Ratings

Pass Or Fail: PASS



As you can see by the Google reviews, this particular OPT-7 product is praised highly as being a solid, quality product. The price is competitive, for only a slight bit more than the cheaper overseas knock-offs, OPT-7 provides an extremely durable underbody lighting kit, and a full 1-year warranty.

Would I buy the OPT-7 AURA PRO Aluminum LED Underbody Lighting Kit*? ABSOLUTELY. I don’t care for poor craftmanship when it comes to accessorizing my truck, so I’ll definitely be ordering an OPT-7 kit for myself.

I hope that my review has helped you decide if this product is right for you, If you have any questions, comments, or feedback about this review, please feel free to leave me a comment below, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Thank you, and have an excellent day!


Founder of

*As an OPT-7 affiliate, I earn a small commission, at no cost to you, from any purchases made using links on this page.

18 thoughts on “LED Car Lights Reviews – OPT 7 AURA PRO Gets The Job Done!

  • Myrna Dalton

    Your review was very thorough, thank you. My husband and I have been updating and accessorizing a 2006 Ford Mustang and have been researching on led lights for it. Your review has been very helpful for us in making our decision. 

    I like the durability of them, we have tried other led lights on our truck and they did not last long with the roughness of some of the driving terrain we went on. We need something that is durable. This product has a decent price, especially considering that if you buy the cheaper version, they don’t hold up so you are having to buy more. In the long run, you end up spending more money buying cheap led lights than buying the right product the first time.

    • Bobby

      I couldn’t agree more, Myrna. I don’t discourage people from buying cheaper lights, just because everybody has their own budgets and preferences, but in my own opinion, it’s definitely wiser to spend a couple of extra bucks to get a quality product that will last. 

      You should bookmark SickLites, and when you’re ready to pick up some lights for your Mustang, give me a shout. I can run through a few different options with you, to help you pick out the perfect setup. Mustangs look ESPECIALLY cool when you light them up properly, I’d love to help put that together!

      Myrna, I really appreciate you taking the time to check out my page, I look forward to seeing you visit again. I wish you great success, and I hope you have a wonderful day!


  • Igor

    Hi Bobby!

    Great product! It can be a lot of fun having such under lights for the car. The modifications of it are great as well. I like especially the possibility of music integration with the light. What an effect. However, there are people that don’t like such extras on the car. I find it sometimes very attractive and sometimes not. Depending on the car and the level of usage of such special effects, although such products can give a special “touch” to the car.
    I can imagine such effects are great for sports cars, younger people and other people that want to attract special attention. 

    Thanks for sharing the info and presenting such an attractive product!

    Best regards,

    • Bobby

      Thanks Igor! I agree that underbody lights aren’t for everyone, but for auto enthusiasts, these things are just the bee’s knees. I personally like the added safety factor of being more visible during night driving times, the more lit up you are, the less likely that someone is going to crash into you in the dark. This is especially useful for motorcycles, as they are very hard to see in the dark.

      I appreciate your feedback, and I’m glad you enjoyed my review. Feel free to come back anytime to check out my latest posts, I always appreciate returning guests!

      Great success to you, and I hope you have an excellent day!


  • Matt's Mom

    I am definitely bookmarking this and coming back to it.  My son’s birthday is tomorrow, but unfortunately I have to leave town to visit my dad.  I told him that when I got back I would get something for his Jeep.  He has been wanting the lights.  A lot of Jeeps here have them, and he wants to be cool I guess. LOL  Anyway, this is the perfect gift and right in my price range!  Glad I found this review 🙂

    • Bobby

      Hi Matt’s Mom! I would be thrilled if you were to use my site to pick up some stuff to light up Matt’s Jeep! The review you read on the OPT-7 Underbody kit has a couple of links in it that will take you directly to the product page, and honestly, that package in particular is the perfect one for an off-road vehicle like a Jeep. I’m actually ready to order one for my Blazer, I’m just on a tight budget right now, so I gotta wait for a bit.

      Listen, I really appreciate you checking out SickLites, and you’re more than welcome to come back anytime, and spread the word to anyone you know that is looking for gifts for the men,(or women), in their lives. I’ll be posting new posts and reviews a couple of times a week, so you’ll have a good base of solid products to choose from.

      I wish you the greatest success in all your endeavors, and I hope you have a pleasant visit with your dad!


  • akshaysaxena

    Hey Bobby, that’s an amazing review. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. This is the first time I get to learn about this product. I found it useful as well as cost effective. While using such electronic equipments, major concern is always a battery life. What’s your experience with it’s battery? Was it good or average? 

    Your analysis covered very clear and in depth information about the product. Deal almost seems irresistible. I liked the fact that it comes with nice warranty period. Do we have such product for motor cycle? Reply in this comment, I’ll follow up your reply. 

    Thanks a lot for introducing this amazing product and writing it’s wonderful review. Whoever read this information, will surely find it useful. 

    • Bobby

      Thanks for the input, Akshay! I appreciate you taking the time to read my review, and I’m glad you found it useful. As far as battery life goes, LED products have a very low battery usage, and since they are wired into the car battery, you can run them for a couple of DAYS before they’ll kill the battery. And motorcycles are no exception, if you look at the post I did before this review, I actually covered a lot of the bases on motorcycle application. 

      Thank you again, I’m always willing to open up discussion on any of my posts. 


  • Dave Sweney

    These OPT-7 Aura Pro Underbody LED Kits are really cool looking and I have seen them in many places of the world, i.e. in the USA, Dubai, Germany, and even in China! It is obvious that people know about them and they use them globally. That is reflected in the high review scores and positive comments they have on their sales pages.

    I am looking at buying some myself, so coming across your review was timely. Thanks for drilling down on the details of the build, the installation, and even the functionality the OPT-7 Auro Pro Underbody LED Kit offers. They are the top of the line from what I can tell.

    Thanks for the details about these kits. I now feel fully armed and ready to buy, and you have helped make my decision to go with this quality OPT-7 accessory an easy one. 

    • Bobby

      Wow Dave! Sounds like you’re a bit of a traveler, that’s awesome! I’ve been around a lot of the US, but I’ve never been out of the country, I’d love to see more of the world. 

      I’m glad you found my article useful, hopefully you’ll consider OPT 7 products a must have when you start modifying your ride, they really are some of the best and brightest auto LED products you can find. I’d recommend them highly to anyone. 

      Thank you for checking out SickLites, I appreciate you taking the time to give a little input. I always wonder when I write my posts if they’ll be helpful to people, so its nice to hear that they do!

      Feel free to bookmark my page and come back any time,  you’re always welcome! I wish you great success, and I hope you have a great day!


  • Babsie Wagner

    Wow, I had no idea these lights are so inexpensive.  i couldn’t believe when I saw that the OPT-7 AURA PRO Aluminum Underglow Lighting Kit was only $99!  That’s amazing!  I’m super excited, because my son has been thinking about these, and with his birthday coming up, this could be the perfect gift!  Thanks!

    • Bobby

      I couldn’t agree more, Babsie, if ever there’s a perfect gift for guys, it’s giving their cars a little bling. I’ve had a couple of people come across my site and say the exact same thing, that they hadn’t considered LED underglow lighting as a gift before, but thought it would be just right for the guys in their family.

      If you ever want to order any auto lighting, feel free to come back to SickLites and shoot me a message, I’ll be glad to help you figure out what would be best for the guys you’re picking up lights for.

      I look forward to seeing you again, have a great day!


  • Wayne

    Hey, Bobby.  

    I have seen cars and some trucks with this type of lighting on/under them but I never would have considered them for an RV.  I have to say, though, I like the idea and I will be reading your post centred around that idea.

    I also like the idea of being able to create different colours and syncing with music.  Easy installation is a must along with durability.  I think the price is pretty reasonable as well.  I think it would fit into most budgets.

    On the durability side of things, is the aluminum treated or coated with the silicone to avoid corrosion from salt and grit that are on the roads from time to time.  I did read that the aluminum is FILLED with dense silicone which would cover the LEDs and the wiring and I know that silicone is very durable.  I was just wondering how the aluminum would stand up to road salt in the winter.

    Does the product come with stainless steel screws for mounting or would I have to purchase those separately?

    As I said, I like this idea and I will be checking out your other post. My wife might have different ideas about this but we’ll see.

    Thanks again,


    • Bobby

      Hi Wayne, thanks for checking out SickLites!

      As a matter of fact, the AURA PRO kits all come with everything you need to install them, screws included, but it’s always a good idea to keep a roll of wire around with some small wire nuts just in case you have a longer vehicle and the included wire doesn’t quite reach. 

      As far as salt water on the aluminum, if you don’t rinse off the light bars occasionally, you could be looking at some corrosion after a couple of winters. But with as thick as the aluminum and silicone are, I don’t see it being anything that affects functionality for a long time. 

      I’m glad you enjoyed my article, feel free to visit SickLites in the future!

      Great success to you, and I hope you have an excellent day!


  • Thomas

    Product for the “Fast and Furious” fan. The fast lane hype is definitely my first thought with this website. Really well done and good information from the different length light bars, attachment options, colors, from neighborhood to showing.  Even including RV lighting as well as motorcycle. The RV picture really looks good and creates a nice ambiance. And good for motorcyclists for safety concerns.

    • Bobby

      Thanks Thomas! Yeah, I gotta admit, the Fast and Furious scene is really what kicked this idea into high gear for me, I have a penchant for really cool cars and I figured, why not get into a business that lets me deal with cool car people? I think my favorite part is going to the different car shows out here in Florida and photographing the various just outrageous rides people have. 

      The RV and motorcycle sides of my site hold a special place for me, as my fiancée and I live full-time in an RV, and most of my family ride motorcycles. I’m going to be making a few changes to my site, and providing a menu breakdown of the various different areas in which LED accent lighting comes into play. I have a feeling the RV and motorcycle sections will be pretty popular, LED is going crazy in those scenes.

      Hey man, thanks again for checking out my site. If you ever need any cool lighting, or any help figuring out what you would need for a specific project, feel free to come back and drop me a message, I’ll be glad to help!

      Great success to you, Thomas, and I hope you have an excellent day.


  • MissusB

    Seems like OPT 7 Auras edge to its competitors like optronics platinum burners and lead light strips (I won’t mention the brand) is its suitability to most types of vehicles which could be easily mounted either at the back or side. Another plus for me would be its music syncing technology which is pretty cool as your car pave its way. If in due time OPT 7 Aura is a bit damaged and its guarantee has expired, would it be easy to replace certain parts on your own? By the way, great job explaining its functionality.

    • Bobby

      Thank you, Maureen, I definitely tried to cover all the bases. As far as replacing any particular part of the strips, I don’t imagine it to be impossible, but in all honesty, you can just hit up OPT-7 and order a replacement part for pretty cheap and save yourself the time and hassle of trying to disassemble their solid construction, then putting it back together. There’s only two real things that could happen, either one or more of the individual LED lights could go out, or the controller box could go bad, and in either case, I’d just try to order a new bar to replace the faulty one or a new control box.

      I appreciate you taking the time to check out SickLites, I always welcome feedback from my visitors. If you ever need any help figuring out anything LED-related, feel free to come back and contact me, I’d be more than happy to assist you!

      I wish you great success, and I hope you have a pleasant day!


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