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I cover a lot of various lighting solutions, (headlights, accessory lights, etc.), for various vehicles, from cars, trucks, motorcycles, vans, RV’s, even golf carts. But I’ve left a very prevalent and very cool vehicle out, BOATS! So without further ado, here’s a little bit about waterproof led light strips boats can’t live without!

Why Would I Want LED’s All Over My Boat?LED Lights For Boats

Okay, so maybe you own a john boat, and all you do is fish on the weekends, why in the world would you want to put a bunch of LED lights all over your boat? There are a couple of reasons, the main one being safety.

Any boating enthusiast knows, night boating can be a dangerous pasttime. Oftentimes, the only way anybody else on the water can see you at night is by locating the two little lights most boats are required to have on the front of their craft. I presonally have struggled in the past to see these lights, and if you’re approaching another boat from the rear, sometimes you just cannot see them.

This is where LED lighting comes into play. One simple light strip around the interior edge of your boat can make all the difference in the world when it comes to other boaters being able to avoid crashing into you.

Fact: The human eye can detect the light of a single candle from 2.76 km (1.7 miles) away. Source: Texas A&M Alumni

For the avid fisherman, there are also waterproof LED’s that can be mounted underneath the boat that can light up the area below your boat, so as to avoid underwater hazards.

The other main reason for LED’s on boats: It’s just really cool. For recreational boaters, nothing makes your party barge look more inviting and streamlined like a few well placed accent lights. Most marine LED kits are reasonably priced, so it’s a small price for such a big difference in your weekend excursions to the lake.

A Variety Of Options To Enhance Your COOL

Here are a few products that really “shine” above the rest in the world of marine LED lighting:

LED Lights For Boats Product: OPT-7 AURA PRO Boat Interior Kit*

Price: $61.99

Best Place To Buy: OPT-7.com

Warranty: 1 Year Replace/Refund

Google Product Rating: 4.6 Stars

The OPT-7 AURA PRO Boat Interior Kit comes with four 24″ long led strips, each of which contain 36 RGB LED’s, creating a strong, brilliant light that can be controlled from either a hand-held remote, or with the OPT-7 AURA App for your smartphone.

The AURA PRO Boat Interior Kit light strips are highly flexible and versatile, made to be bent into any tight space without damaging the lights, as well as being simple to install. The power supply couldn’t be easier, in true plug-and-play fashion, the LED pro’s at OPT-7 hooked up a simple 12-volt car lighter plug. No crazy wiring issues!Lumitech SeaBlazeX Underwater Boat Lights

Product: Lumitec SeaBlazeX LED Underwater Boat Light**

Price: $238.36 – $310.14

Best Place To Buy: Amazon

Warranty: 3 Year Replace/Refund

Average Customer Rating: 4.5 Stars

The Lumitech SeaBlazeX Series are one of the highest grade underwater boat lights you can buy. Produced solely in the U.S., Lumitec uses marine-grade bronze for the housing on these ultra-bright lights, guaranteeing that they will withstand even the heaviest marine corrosion.

All of Lumitech’s underwater products are rigorously salt-spray tested for over 2000 hours to ensure lasting durability in fresh or salt-water conditions. They have also made it more simple than ever to control these lights, instead of using a seperate controller, they employ toggle switches you can install directly next to the captain’s chair.

While a little pricey, the SeaBlazeX lights are worth their weight in gold. As any boat enthusiast knows, dry docking your boat to change out a malfunctioning underwater light is a difficult and time-consuming process, so making sure to buy a solid, tested product is a must.

Product: Tidal Wake Plug-And-Play Underwater Drain Plug LED Light**Tidal Wake Drain Plug Light

Price: $79.97

Best Place To Buy: Amazon

Warranty: 3 Year Replace/Refund

Average Customer Rating: 4 Stars

The Tidal Wake Underwater Boat Drain Plug Light Kit is perfect for anyone wanting to light up their wake with less than 5 minutes worth of an installation. Just unscrew the existing drain plug, screw the Tidal Wake light in its place, and then run the wire up to the cigarette lighter. That’s it.

Excellent for fishermen or wakeboarders alike, these high grade lights are made to withstand all the normal stresses of marine use. They boast a strong 1800 lumen brightness, guaranteeing that other boaters can see you in enough time to change course and avoid a night time collision, as well as providing enough light for any water-sporting passengers can clearly see the wake in front of them while skiing or wakeboarding.

Yes, Even The Trailer Looks Better This Way

In addition to lights for your boat, if you want an added element of cool, there are numerous LED kits you can use for your boat trailers as well. While these really serve no more purpose than aesthetic enhancement, I personally find these trailer lights to be just awesome. I’ve seen a few boat trailers riding down the road with cool colored lights shining up on the hull of the boat, I always think to myself how much I enjoy the look. It’s obvious that the owner truly appreciates their machine when they light it up like that.

While there aren’t really any LED kits designed specifically for the boat trailer, almost any waterproof, submersible LED kit will work. All you have to do is wire it into your trailer lights, and you are good to go. Here’s my choice of LED for your boat trailer:

Product: Green Blob Outdoors LED Boat Deck Lighting Kit**LED Lights For Pontoon

Price: $187.88

Best Place To Buy: Amazon

Warranty: 30-Day Return, Limited Lifetime Replacement

Average Customer Rating: 4 Stars

While this particular kit is marketed as a pontoon lighting kit, the waterproof design and strip lengths make it the perfect candidate for lighting the trailer. The kit comes with 2 LED strips, you can order it in 3 different lengths, 18′, 20′,  and 25′. Color options are blue, green, and ultra-violet. The added benefit from this particular vendor, is that the kit also comes with 2 bonus 30 cm navigation LED strips, one green and one red, for the front of your boat.

Is The Installation Difficult?

For the most part, installation difficulty varies on which products you choose for your watercraft. If you’re doing underwater lights, this could prove to be challenging for the inexperienced, and I would highly recommend you have a licensed boat repair company install them for you.

If you don’t trust your boat in the hands of others, however, here is a quick video about what is involved with installation of underwater lights on your boat:

If you are putting interior lights inside your craft, these are generally much easier for the DIY-ers of the boating world, often only requiring zip ties or double sided adhesive strips for mounting. The power source can be slightly trickier, but to be honest, it’s no more difficult than just reading the instructions included with most kits.

High Value Products For Your High Value Watercraft

In my personal opinion, when making modifications to your watercraft, it just doesn’t pay to go with sub-standard products or shifty fly-by-night companies, and LED manufacturers are no exception. The last thing you want is to put in the time installing all your lights, only to find that a week later, they are malfunctioning and you have to replace them.Yacht At Night

As far as reputable manufacurers of marine LED products go, here are a few of the top lighting companies:

All five of these companies have a strong reputation in the LED lighting field, established by designing and building quality lighting products consistently.

Check them out for yourself using the links above, you’ll see the value their products offer!

Safety Vs. Cool

Whatever your reason for buying led lights for boats, whether it is to avoid night time boating collisions, or just to have the coolest party boat in the marina, with all good luck I’ve been able to give you a good place to start looking, and maybe given you a few quality-versus-economy points to consider. I hope you’ve enjoyed this look into waterproof LED lights boats can’t live without. I’ll be adding to my marine LED section over time, so hopefully you’ll be inclined to come back to SickLites for more information before making a buying decision.

If you enjoyed this article, or you have any questions or comments regarding anything I’ve covered, feel free to drop me a note below, and I’ll get back to you ASAP. I always welcome feedback from my readers, you guys are the reason I started SickLites! Thank you for your patronage!


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  • Matt's Mom

    Ok, I love these boating lights!   My brother has a really nice party boat that they go out on quite frequently.  He is one of those hard people to buy for, since he seems to have everything that he could want.  I think this would make a great gift idea for him!  I have bookmarked and plan on deciding which might be best for him.  Thanks for the great gift idea!

    • Bobby

      No problem! Just a thought, if you’re buying boat lights as a gift, it’s always a good idea to go with one of the easier ones to install, like the OPT-7 kit I listed, or the drainplug light. Anything that plugs into the car lighter will likely get put to use immediately, whereas if it requires a lot of extra effort to wire it into the boat, that gift may sit in the box for a while. 

      I’m glad you were able to grab some ideas from my site, that’s one of my main goals, to help my readers form an idea that they may not have had before. The LED accessory field is growing, and as far as gift ideas go, there is a huge market there. People like aesthetically effective gifts that don’t require much work or maintenance, which is LED lighting in a nutshell.

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    You have a Great Website. Not only did you tell why these lights are a good idea, you showed it with your pictures. I agree with you the boats out on the water at night are very hard to see if with the required lights on the front. Loved the way you wrote and showed this in your website. Very Nice job.

    • Bobby

      Well thank you Pam, I’m glad you enjoyed my article! I definitely try to make my posts easy to stomach, I don’t want to go too crazy with the technical specs and things, I just want to figure out what stuff is quality and why, then present it to my readers. Try to save them a little time and effort, ya know?

      I appreciate your positive feedback, I always enjoy hearing from visitors of SickLites. If you ever need any help picking out gift ideas for the car people in your life, or just would like to check out some of the cool options out there that maybe you hadn’t thought of, feel free to come back to SickLites and ask me anything!

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